Playlist: 2021-11-12

Host Justin the Canuck recorded this episode in his home studio.

4:34The AntidoteSimple Plan
4:40I Am WaterJuly TalkSix Shoote
4:45Another LoverAstrocolorParadiseSofttone / Amelia
4:49Outta This WorldGRAE
4:51Banana SplitLéonie GrayLa Maison Mère / Spectra Musique
4:55Steel HeartPOESY
4:59Blank CurtainColaFire Talk
5:03As It GrowsDead SoftWesterly
5:06WringHynessSettle Down In the DirtSore Lips
5:09Betray the LightPasteCarotene
5:14Share This MomentTennyson King
5:18HistoryBeatrice Deer
5:23At War With the Cynics (An Opening)Rich AucoinPersonal Publication
5:25ResetRich AucoinUnited StatesHaven Sounds
5:29BlushGold & YouthDream BabyPaper Bag
5:35No Dreams of FayresTalliesKanine
5:39Breakneck SpeedTokyo Police ClubChampDine Alone
5:43Cut Cut PasteTokyo Police ClubA Lesson In CrimePaper Bag
5:45Jasmine and FlowersNorth LakesPositive Distortion
5:48MarySunnyside Uppers
5:51Lo Lo LonelyYoung GuvGUV IIIRun for Cover
5:56Your Dog Don't Like YouDarling Congress