Playlist: 2019-06-14

Doug the Canuck hosted the show.

4:32The RejectersSally MaeThe Rejecters
4:35Seven Story RedheadYea Yea YeaSeven Story Redhead
4:40TranzmitorsEveryone Wants to Lose ControlTranzmitorsDeranged
4:45SloanWish Upon a Satellite12Yep Roc
4:54The WeakerthansTournament of HeartsReunion TourEpitaph
4:58Lab CoastWalking on AyrWalking on AyrMammoth Cave
5:03Neil Young & Crazy HorseChange Your MindSleeps With AngelsReprise
5:18Human HighwayThe SoundMoody MotorcycleSecret City
5:20IslandsBack Into ItShould I Remain Here at Sea?Manque
5:25The Tragically HipSomething OnPhantom PowerUniversal Canada
5:34DumbColumboClub NitesMint
5:37The Sick ThingsDog DaysSick Things
5:42WeedHealDeserveCouple Skate
5:45MBPBig Trouble at the Renaissance FaireArt CrimeRectangle
5:48Hooded FangOde to SubterraniaGravezFull Time Hobby
5:57The Pink MountaintopsAtmosphereThe Pink MountaintopsScratch

Playlist: 2019-06-07

Doug the Canuck hosted the show.

4:32Wine LipsElectric LadyStressor
4:35The RejectersDoctor DoctorThe Rejecters EP
4:37Gay NinetiesLettermanLiberal GuiltLove Letter
4:41JapandroidsWet HairPost-NothingPolyvinyl
4:47RoachThe BuzzTaste TestHappy Pills Collective
4:50Korean GutIn My Socialist ChoirCiTR Pop Alliance Compilation, Vol. IIIMint
4:53The Two KoreasBad CaptainsAltruistUnfamiliar
5:02Neil YoungPiece of CrapSleeps With AngelsReprise
5:05HermeticRevenge ComedyCivilized City
5:08SightlinesBrewery CreekAlarum
5:11Tequila NosediveCigarettes and LipstickHappy Pills Collective
5:15Bored DecorNo Love in RomanceThe Colour Red
5:21Fade AwaaysTaste of LifeTaste of Life
5:24Cameron BrownTalk of the TownCameron Brown
5:27Hooded FangSleep SongHooded Fang
5:32Maple TreewayI Don't Like SportsPuking
5:39RickashayScarlett / The Dance She InspiresSplintered Wood
5:43Side Hustle2 Be FreeSo So So So SoBattery Eye
5:47Wild/KindStrangersWest Ends
5:51NeckingStill ExistMint
5:53The BurnettesFallingA Boy and a GirlGo Rock
5:59Animal TypeLittle WomanApartments

Playlist: 2019-05-31

Justin the Canuck hosted the show.

4:33Drop MeParagon CauseEscaPe (European Edition)AnalogueTrash
4:36FountainBleuTropical Depression
4:39Eye to EyeBodywashLuminelle
4:44The Great OratorKuriNo VillageNevado
4:49DesireDilly DallySoreBuzz
4:53Monday to FridayDeux Trois
4:57Future ShadeBlack MountainDestroyerJagjaguwar
5:04This Note's for YouNeil YoungThis Note's for YouReprise
5:06Norton Commander (All We Need)Men I Trust
5:09EricaAK Fashionista
5:151000 HighwaysSonRealThe Aaron LPBlack Box
5:21I'll Be Loving YouThe King Khan & BBQ ShowInvisible GirlIn the Red
5:28The City Loves MeBeautsLHM
5:32Purpose and ConvictionBlessedSalt
5:38My Heart Is Pinned to Your SleeveThe High DialsMoon CountryFontana North
5:41Employment and EnjoymentThe High DialsPrimitive Feelings, Pt. 1Hook and Prayer
5:46Nicolette & The NobodiesDevil's RunDevil's Run
5:51Ne m'appelle pasCœur de pirateDare to Care
5:56Good Will Surely ComeAltamedaTime Hasn't Changed YouPheromone

Playlist: 2019-05-24

Doug the Canuck hosted the show.

4:35MDMJo PassedTheir PrimeRoyal Mountain
4:39Crowd ControlBrutal PoodleKingfisher Bluez
4:42CrimewavePort JuveeCrimewave
4:49The Perp WalkPeaceThe World Is Too Much With UsSuicide Squeeze
4:54Give No MoreChron GoblinLife for the Living
5:01Words (Between the Lines of Age)Neil YoungRoad Rock Vol. 1Reprise
5:13Draw Us LinesConstantinesTournament of HeartsThree Gut
5:18BurnEating OutEating OutBurger
5:21UncleanWeptDress Me Like I'm Yours
5:28J'ai peur de la mortPatrik et Les BrutesToutes les filles sont folles de moiSpectra Musique
5:30Strange Side of the StreetThe VelveteinsSlow WaveFierce Panda
5:34I Can't Lie DownRoyal CanoeCo-Op ModeHead In the Sand
5:38Summer DressHighsHighsIndica
5:45These Days Are OldSpookey RubenModes of Transportation Vol. 1TVT
5:50The Pride of QueensDaniel RomanoModern PressureNew West
5:54Way Past DarkLittle KidMight as Well With My Soul
5:581969 TiesBabysitterEyePsychic Handshake

Playlist: 2019-05-17

Apprentice “Baby Canuck” Joe hosted the show.

4:31BloomDadweedI Dreamt I Was RunningHoney Pomelo Forever
4:35Pound Pound PoundAANTHEMSOld Dogs
4:37Tell Me I'm GoodSummerteethSweet Nothing
4:42Hollywood Dream TripSyrinxTumblers from the VaultRVNG Intl.
4:44TarranohBilly MoonI'll Push the Pedals and You Steer
4:49DinosaurFog LakeCaptainStack Your Roster
4:56Black RiceWomenWomenJagjaguwar
5:00The Losing End (When You're On)Neil Young & Crazy HorseEverybody Knows This is NowhereReprise
5:05Lights Down LowJoel Plaskett EmergencyTruthfully TruthfullyMapleMusic
5:09Book It to FresnoBrendan CanningHome Wrecking YearsArts & Crafts
5:13TalkersEntire CitiesDeep River
5:19It's Not That EasyPaper LadiesBaby Don't Let Go
5:23GenderPainted FruitsFruit SaladShake!
5:25Earth to JayJay ArnerJay IIMint
5:29OasisHush PupPanacea
5:33Dry DiveCindy LeeModel ExpressCCQSK
5:38Finding Seventeen HandsThe Vermicious KnidDays That Stand StillAntiantenna
5:42SeventeenHaley BlaisLet Yourself Go
5:4517The Franklin ElectricThis Is How I Let You DownIndica
5:53Twenty ThreeFineThanks for Asking
5:55Candied HeartSparklesaurusSparklesaurus