Playlist: 2019-08-16

Justin the Canuck hosted the show.

4:32Falling Down the Stairs of Your SmileThe New PornographersIn the Morse Code of Brake LightsConcord
4:36A Flower That Wouldn't BloomAncient ShapesA Flower That Wouldn't BloomYou've Changed
4:38Just the Same as AlwaysLaura BarrettWho Is the Baker?Paper Bag
4:41Mew Mew MansionJim Guthrie & J.J. IpsenCat Lady
4:44Garbage NightMaple TreewayPuking
4:48A Spark from the SocketBrutal Poodle
4:51SunLaughed the BoyChange of Scenery
4:55New HazeMIMICOHi-ActionHand Drawn Dracula
5:03Take Me HomeHarlequin Gold
5:05Last RuinsWake Island
5:09WastecaseTom Boy
5:19Feelings In the AshtrayThe Same as Always
5:22Try My BestAlone I WalkAnchor Eighty Four
5:25FebruaryWayfarerReckless Spring
5:31VampireMaunoReally WellTin Angel
5:33InnocentWeather BoySummer Forever: Mixtape IIILootBag
5:38The World Is Not EndingPrepare for the FutureNice Work!
5:41Running from SomethingThe Silkstones
5:44Then AgainHalf Moon RunGlassnote
5:48Aves noirSecret SignSummer Forever: Mixtape IIILootBag
5:53New BoyTearjerkerFadedAlmost Communist
5:58I DoWild RiversNettwerk

Playlist: 2019-08-09

Joe the Canuck hosted the show.

4:31FridaySimon OuthitE.P. 2019
4:34Let It All Fall DownThe MooksI Hope That You Feel the Same
4:39Imaginary FriendsThe Provincial ArchiveImaginary FriendsConsonant
4:43RubiesTelegraphe JunglePositive Vibes
4:47Une clairièreJerome MiniereUne clairièreObjet Disque
4:50Cool SummerLAPSSoon Not Too Often In It
4:54Explorer 200Wax CowboyScott!
4:59MonsterFog LakeCaptainStack Your Roster
5:02The BaseRich AucoinReleaseHaven Sounds Inc.
5:04Dancing My Heart OutWinter GlovesHeart Out EPPaper Bag
5:07Keeping Me AwakeWaresWaresDouble Lunch Productions
5:11Tss TssChocolatTss TssGrosse Boîte
5:18Turns Turns TurnsMajical CloudzTurns Turns TurnsArbutus
5:22De papelIsmosFicciones
5:25Table and BedBeekeeperBe Kept
5:28Write It DownChladnyThe Finch Flyer
5:34You Decide (The Return of)Foreign DiplomatsMonamiIndica
5:37This ThunderThe Ghost Is DancingBattles OnSonic Unyon
5:41Condescending YouJulie & The Wrong GuysJulie & The Wrong GuysDine Alone
5:46Hot PotsShotgun JimmieTransistor Sister 2You've Changed
5:49And the SunsetBeachglassSunroom Sanctuary
5:53Rime of an Ancient SomethingModern Kitchen
5:58I'd Rather It Be With YouKristin WitkoZone of ExclusionKingfisher Bluez

Playlist: 2019-08-02

Doug the Canuck hosted the show.

4:33Triumph of LifeFucked UpCouple TracksMatador
4:39Ghost BluesLadyhawkShotsJagjaguwar
4:52Desert NovelKey WitnessMercury in Retrograde
5:02Love and Only LoveNeil YoungRagged GloryReprise
5:13The Universe!Do Make Say ThinkYou, You're a History in RustConstellation
5:23Vertigo (If It's a Crime)IslandsArm's WayAnti-
5:35Cave-o-SapienWolf ParadeExpo 86Sub Pop
5:41In Came the FloodWintersleepHello HumRoll Call
5:46Nothing but TeethThe RipperzNothing but Teeth
5:57Lost In the CanyonThe John HenrysSweet as the Grain9 LB Records

Playlist: 2019-07-26

Justin and Joe the Canucks hosted the show.

4:33The LetterRoyal TuskMountainHidden Pony
4:37Mirror BoxSilversteinDead ReflectionRise
4:40Big ShotThe Pack A.D.Do Not EngageNettwerk
4:45Where I LivePrepare for the FutureNice Work!
4:48What Makes Me SadAda LeaWhat We Say In PrivateSaddle Creek
4:55Crooked TeethLittle JuniorHiRoyal Mountain
4:58I Really Like YouLittle JuniorHiRoyal Mountain
5:03Call Me MaybeCarly Rae JepsenInterscope
5:08Stay Strong (feat. Blessings)Lovers TouchJamroom
5:11Drop the GuillotinePeach PitBeing So NormalKingfisher Bluez
5:15BloodlineThe Lowest of the LowShakespeare My Butt…Yes Boy
5:19Lovely AllenHoly FuckLPYoung Turks
5:28Poor Man's Tony Wilson BluesThe Two KoreasThe 15th: A Revisionist History of The Two KoreasMusic Kickup
5:31The MatadorCape Cartel
5:37Hard to KnowNice AppleThis Time Nice Apple is Auto-CathectingHidden Bay
5:40That Sweet SweetThe InanimatesInanimate Objects
5:42Psychic Down the RoadSkinny KidsStrangersKingfisher Bluez
5:45Canadian ClassicMulligrubSoft Grudge
5:48If You're Not DeadMo KenneyThe DetailsPheromone
5:55Mother EarthPrepare for the FutureNice Work!

Playlist: 2019-07-19

Doug and Joe the Canucks hosted the show.

4:35Le jus de citronMalajubeLe Compte CompteDare to Care
4:38Ditch DitchThe EffensUnsafeLoot Bag
4:41CoryzaOh No! YokoPau PauCheesus Crust
4:44Better Than YouPrepare for the FutureNice Work!
4:52MayTen SleepNo Place Like House
4:55RunnerSlam DunkWelcome to MiamiFile Under: Music
5:02WinterlongNeil YoungDecadeReprise
5:06Sweet SorrowThe Foreign FilmsThe Records CollectorKool Kat
5:11High School HighThe PermsSofia NightsHug Tight
5:15Another WorldShawn Mrazek Lives!Thought He Was DeadAre You Mad at Me?
5:23Very Very VeryLow KitesMaybe It's Because
5:30AnimalBilly MoonPunk SongsOld Flame
5:33Tangerine DreamBilly MoonPunk SongsOld Flame
5:37Who?RheostaticsWhale MusicSire
5:44Hit & MissNice AppleThis Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting Hidden Bay
5:45IntrospectLoansSelf LoaningDipstick
5:48Going BackThe SeamsAnother Side of The SeamsHand Drawn Dracula
5:51AndrewThee AhsNamesKingfisher Bluez
5:58It's All About YouMUNYAMeetLuminelle