Playlist: 2021-09-10

Special guest Bluebird of The Gazing Ball hosted the show.

4:31Meet Me With EaseWeedRunning BackLefse
4:34Guest HouseCapitolDream Noise
4:38Hard On MeDid You DieWeird Love
4:41Quartz CrisisCharcoal SkiesHoursInfrasound
4:44Apollonian HeartPulse ParkPulse Park
4:48With HeatBodywashComforterLuminelle
4:55No AlternativeKestrelsKestrelsSonic Unyon
5:02Prisoners of Our LoveThe AirfieldsUp All NightHumblebee
5:04LateCentrefoldNot Enough
5:08Grew Up On the SeedsThe Hoa Hoa'sPop/Drone/PedalsOptical Sounds
5:11Just Take the PillFeather WeightJust Take the Pill
5:16Full BloomSorreyIn Full BloomGarment District
5:19Asleep All WinterRebekah HiggsLittle Voice
5:21Ovayok RoadScary Bear SoundtrackOvayok Road
5:25#224MotherhoodDear Bongo,Forward
5:31CompassTown HouseFloods
5:35I'm NatureCrystal EyesThe Female Imagination
5:39About LoveMise en SceneWinnipeg, CaliforniaLight Organ
5:46Narrow LinesHeavydiveNarrow Lines
5:50Street HauntingSlow Down, MolassesStreet HauntingNoyes / Divine Schism
5:52OctoberTonemirrorYou're Getting Colder
5:56Take Me AwayUnder Electric LightWaiting for the Rain to FallMore Like Space

Playlist: 2021-09-03

Host Justin the Canuck recorded this episode in his home studio.

4:34Ceiling Fan, ManThe Brandy AlexandersThe Brandy AlexandersGypsy Soul
4:38PrEPThe ZolasCome Back to LifeLight Organ
4:41Dying to LiveChastityDeathwish
4:44SurroundedMotoristsSurroundedDebt Offensive
4:50Two to PlayParagon CauseAutopilot
4:53Don't Get Pushed Around (feat. Shad)Dave MonksI've Always Wanted to Be MeGhost Pepper
4:57MeantimeDel BarberStray Dogs (Collected B-Sides / Vol. 1)Acronym
5:01Night DriveCaroline Marie BrooksEverything At the Same Time
5:04GenevieveGlutenheadPalmerstonBrown Snow
5:07PartnerAda LeaOne Hand On the Steering Wheel the Other Sewing a GardenSaddle Creek
5:12Tree Among ShrubsMen I TrustUntourable Album
5:15Party AgainTOPSHouse Arrest
5:18SoshyPurity RingThe Fellowship
5:22Feel AlrightElise LeGrowGratefulAwesome
5:25Terrace RainAfternoon Bike RideAfternoon Bike RideFriends of Friends
5:31QuicksandFake SharkLight Organ
5:34Her Cold HandsMany MasksThe Elevator
5:38Tony Called the MuscleTouchingLittleworldsHead In the Sand
5:42EasyEllevatorArts & Crafts
5:46Flood (feat. Julie Doiron)Astral SwansAstral Swans
5:48ThesisCasper SkullsKnows No KindnessNext Door
5:54Make It HomeDeath Party PlaygroundThe Good Years

Playlist: 2021-08-27

Host Justin the Canuck recorded this episode in his home studio.

4:35Push PullPurity RingAnother Eternity4AD
4:38Lasting LoveBlood DiamondsThe Pop Manifesto
4:42Go (feat. Blood Diamonds)Grimes4AD
4:46Our TimeWolf SagaMy TimeHandsomeBoy
4:50Temporal SuspensionAA Wallace(disambiguation)Acadian Embassy
4:55Eternally GirlMozart's SisterField of LoveArbutus
4:59What Are You Waiting For?Hexes & OhsThank YouLazy at Work
5:03Dayglo DecadeChildren of the CPUThe Last of the Basement Dreamers
5:09TrueOperatorsEP 1Last Gang
5:14DanceAstrocolorHueSofttone / eOne
5:19That FeelingDIANAPerpetual SurrenderPaper Bag
5:22Itchy FingersJunior BoysIt's All TrueDomino
5:27Back DownBob MosesBattle LinesDomino
5:31HopefulBear MountainHopefulLast Gang
5:34(Far From) HomeTigaSexorLast Gang
5:38Raised By WolvesThe CansecosJuices!Upper Class
5:46Barbra StreisandDuck SauceQuackFool's Gold
5:51DissipatePrince InnocencePretty Pretty

Playlist: 2021-08-20

Host Justin the Canuck was joined by Dale Smith of KOOP’s Roots Train. This episode was recorded in Justin the Canuck’s home studio.

4:34Station Out of RangeMatt MaysOnce Upon a Hell of a Time…Sonic
4:39Soon EnoughConstantinesTournament of HeartsSub Pop
4:43StompaSerena RyderHarmonyUniversal Canada
4:47Rolling StoneReuben and The DarkFuneral SkyArts & Crafts
4:51Hard TimesThe Mohawk LodgeWildfiresWhite Whale
4:54Last Lion of AlbionNeko CaseHell-OnAnti-
4:59Lost the WarPaper LionsTrophiesCommon Law
5:01Silver FangMardeen
5:04Fourth of JulyKid LuciferNothin’ But Bangers
5:09Brighter Shade of RootsRoland AlphonsoBrighter Shade of RootsImperial
5:10ProphecyKeithus IThe King's Highway: Canadian CanneckshanCorn-Fed
5:15The Judgement Has ComeCornell CampbellSuperstarMicron
5:19SolomoneRoots WandaThe King's Highway: Canadian CanneckshanCorn-Fed
5:22Leaving BabylonJohnny OsbourneThe King's Highway: Canadian CanneckshanCorn-Fed
5:24Island In the Sun RockersRoland AlphonsoBrighter Shade of RootsImperial
5:26I Dig You BabyAlton EllisContinuationAll Tone
5:31Ain’t No LoveLeroy SibblesNowMicron
5:35Colour BarrierLeroy BrownDMI
5:36Roots of RockersRoland AlphonsoBrighter Shade of RootsImperial
5:37Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)Arcade FireThe SuburbsMerge
5:43Life In the SeaTeen DazeMorning WorldPaper Bag
5:48HummingbirdImaginary CitiesTemporary ResidentHidden Pony
5:53Roller CoasterThe LiptoniansLet’s All March Back Into the SeaHead In the Sand

Playlist: 2021-08-13

Host Justin the Canuck was joined by Stefny! At the Disco of KOOP’s The Emo Diaries. This episode was recorded in Justin the Canuck’s home studio.

4:34FebruaryWayfarerReckless Spring
4:37FadedMary & Adelaide
4:40ApartmentSeawayVacationPure Noise
4:43GaramondArm’s LengthEverything Nice
4:46A Year In the Past, Forever In the FutureGradeUnder the RadarVictory
4:49The TollClutteredAccidentsBloated Kat
4:54Talk to Me, Dance With MeHot Hot HeatMake Up the BreakdownSub Pop
4:57Try HonestyBilly TalentBilly TalentAtlantic
5:02IIITerry GreenUntitledZegema Beach
5:06Mirrored LimbsFrail Handsparted/departed/apartTwelve Gauge
5:08Whispered RiotsCarried AwayStart Over
5:10Hands TiedLike PacificPure Noise
5:14Who You AreDear YouthHeirloomAnchor Eighty Four
5:17Pay No MindLetdownGutrot Industries
5:21MotivationSum 41All Killer No FillerIsland
5:25Okay, You Can Be Tigers, But No CrashingThe Newfound Interest In ConnecticutTell Me About the Long Dark Path HomeWe Are Busy Bodies
5:29Never Be the SameFurther the LionAll for You
5:33What Was Left UnsaidNew DesignSunday Drive
5:38Sympathetic StringsFussSpeakeasy
5:41Sarah Michelle GellarTerroristaSoftpush
5:45Forget (Friendly)GulferGulferTopshelf
5:50The Frightening Reality of the Fact That We Will All Have to Grow Up and Settle Down One DayMoneenThe Red TreeVagrant
5:54Blue Skies / SunshineSeasFade Out Into the NightBlack Box
5:58Try My BestAlone I WalkThe Hardest Years YetAnchor Eighty Four