We’re on hiatus, eh?

After 16 years on the air and after nine years of hosting the show, This Great White North is officially on hiatus. It’s sad, but necessary—I’ll be taking a much-needed break to catch up on sleep and all the other things in life that aren’t producing a weekly radio show.

If you’re a Canadian artist, thanks for making such incredible music—it’s been an honor to share it. If you’re a listener, thanks for tuning in—what a delight to have gotten to share nine years of music with y’all! In time, maybe I’ll do it again, in one form or another.

Our Mixcloud page will continue hosting our final six episodes for the foreseeable future, if you’d like to listen to them again. This website isn’t going anywhere, although no updates are planned in the immediate future, and our show calendar will remain frozen in time. Our social media will probably stick around in a dormant state.

Please continue supporting KOOP, keep your ears open to new music from the north, and of course… keep it weird, Austin.

Justin the Canuck