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Today is the first day of KOOP’s Fall Membership Drive so, in addition to bringing you a bevy of the latest tunes from north of the border, we’ll also be asking for your financial support to keep community radio (and Canadian music!) alive and thriving on the airwaves of Austin, Texas!

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This week’s playlist is a real treat, featuring artists including Bahamas, Balacade, The Besnard Lakes, Blue J, Central Heat Exchange, Cœur de pirate, David James Allen, David Woodside, The Dirty Nil, Favours, The Golden Dogs, MUNYA, Ohara Hale, Pleasure Craft, Radiant Baby, Royal Castles, Skye Wallace, Softcult, and The Tom Fun Orchestra!

Join Justin the Canuck today at 4:30 PM Central on KOOP Radio, 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas and broadcasting to the world at!

Playlist: 2021-09-10

Special guest Bluebird of The Gazing Ball hosted the show.

4:31Meet Me With EaseWeedRunning BackLefse
4:34Guest HouseCapitolDream Noise
4:38Hard On MeDid You DieWeird Love
4:41Quartz CrisisCharcoal SkiesHoursInfrasound
4:44Apollonian HeartPulse ParkPulse Park
4:48With HeatBodywashComforterLuminelle
4:55No AlternativeKestrelsKestrelsSonic Unyon
5:02Prisoners of Our LoveThe AirfieldsUp All NightHumblebee
5:04LateCentrefoldNot Enough
5:08Grew Up On the SeedsThe Hoa Hoa'sPop/Drone/PedalsOptical Sounds
5:11Just Take the PillFeather WeightJust Take the Pill
5:16Full BloomSorreyIn Full BloomGarment District
5:19Asleep All WinterRebekah HiggsLittle Voice
5:21Ovayok RoadScary Bear SoundtrackOvayok Road
5:25#224MotherhoodDear Bongo,Forward
5:31CompassTown HouseFloods
5:35I'm NatureCrystal EyesThe Female Imagination
5:39About LoveMise en SceneWinnipeg, CaliforniaLight Organ
5:46Narrow LinesHeavydiveNarrow Lines
5:50Street HauntingSlow Down, MolassesStreet HauntingNoyes / Divine Schism
5:52OctoberTonemirrorYou're Getting Colder
5:56Take Me AwayUnder Electric LightWaiting for the Rain to FallMore Like Space

Playlist: 2021-09-03

Host Justin the Canuck recorded this episode in his home studio.

4:34Ceiling Fan, ManThe Brandy AlexandersThe Brandy AlexandersGypsy Soul
4:38PrEPThe ZolasCome Back to LifeLight Organ
4:41Dying to LiveChastityDeathwish
4:44SurroundedMotoristsSurroundedDebt Offensive
4:50Two to PlayParagon CauseAutopilot
4:53Don't Get Pushed Around (feat. Shad)Dave MonksI've Always Wanted to Be MeGhost Pepper
4:57MeantimeDel BarberStray Dogs (Collected B-Sides / Vol. 1)Acronym
5:01Night DriveCaroline Marie BrooksEverything At the Same Time
5:04GenevieveGlutenheadPalmerstonBrown Snow
5:07PartnerAda LeaOne Hand On the Steering Wheel the Other Sewing a GardenSaddle Creek
5:12Tree Among ShrubsMen I TrustUntourable Album
5:15Party AgainTOPSHouse Arrest
5:18SoshyPurity RingThe Fellowship
5:22Feel AlrightElise LeGrowGratefulAwesome
5:25Terrace RainAfternoon Bike RideAfternoon Bike RideFriends of Friends
5:31QuicksandFake SharkLight Organ
5:34Her Cold HandsMany MasksThe Elevator
5:38Tony Called the MuscleTouchingLittleworldsHead In the Sand
5:42EasyEllevatorArts & Crafts
5:46Flood (feat. Julie Doiron)Astral SwansAstral Swans
5:48ThesisCasper SkullsKnows No KindnessNext Door
5:54Make It HomeDeath Party PlaygroundThe Good Years

Party Again

Party with us as we “Party Again” with the latest single by Montreal’s TOPS. Image: Dummy

After a month or two of combing through my music library for hidden gems, we are back to bringing you nothing but brand new tunes from north of the border, and this week we’ve crammed in more songs than we thought would fit in 90 minutes! Those songs come courtesy of Ada Lea, Afternoon Bike Ride, Astral Swans, Astrocolor, The Brandy Alexanders, Caroline Marie Brooks, Casper Skulls, Chastity, Dave Monks, Death Party Playground, Del Barber, Elise LeGrow, Ellevator, Fake Shark, Glutenhead, Julie Doiron, Many Masks, Men I Trust, Motorists, Nightshifts, Paragon Cause, Purity Ring, Shad, TOPS, Touching, and The Zolas!

Join Justin the Canuck Friday at 4:30 PM Central on KOOP Radio, 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas and broadcasting to the world at!

Playlist: 2021-08-27

Host Justin the Canuck recorded this episode in his home studio.

4:35Push PullPurity RingAnother Eternity4AD
4:38Lasting LoveBlood DiamondsThe Pop Manifesto
4:42Go (feat. Blood Diamonds)Grimes4AD
4:46Our TimeWolf SagaMy TimeHandsomeBoy
4:50Temporal SuspensionAA Wallace(disambiguation)Acadian Embassy
4:55Eternally GirlMozart's SisterField of LoveArbutus
4:59What Are You Waiting For?Hexes & OhsThank YouLazy at Work
5:03Dayglo DecadeChildren of the CPUThe Last of the Basement Dreamers
5:09TrueOperatorsEP 1Last Gang
5:14DanceAstrocolorHueSofttone / eOne
5:19That FeelingDIANAPerpetual SurrenderPaper Bag
5:22Itchy FingersJunior BoysIt's All TrueDomino
5:27Back DownBob MosesBattle LinesDomino
5:31HopefulBear MountainHopefulLast Gang
5:34(Far From) HomeTigaSexorLast Gang
5:38Raised By WolvesThe CansecosJuices!Upper Class
5:46Barbra StreisandDuck SauceQuackFool's Gold
5:51DissipatePrince InnocencePretty Pretty