Playlist: 2021-08-13

Host Justin the Canuck was joined by Stefny! At the Disco of KOOP’s The Emo Diaries. This episode was recorded in Justin the Canuck’s home studio.

4:34FebruaryWayfarerReckless Spring
4:37FadedMary & Adelaide
4:40ApartmentSeawayVacationPure Noise
4:43GaramondArm’s LengthEverything Nice
4:46A Year In the Past, Forever In the FutureGradeUnder the RadarVictory
4:49The TollClutteredAccidentsBloated Kat
4:54Talk to Me, Dance With MeHot Hot HeatMake Up the BreakdownSub Pop
4:57Try HonestyBilly TalentBilly TalentAtlantic
5:02IIITerry GreenUntitledZegema Beach
5:06Mirrored LimbsFrail Handsparted/departed/apartTwelve Gauge
5:08Whispered RiotsCarried AwayStart Over
5:10Hands TiedLike PacificPure Noise
5:14Who You AreDear YouthHeirloomAnchor Eighty Four
5:17Pay No MindLetdownGutrot Industries
5:21MotivationSum 41All Killer No FillerIsland
5:25Okay, You Can Be Tigers, But No CrashingThe Newfound Interest In ConnecticutTell Me About the Long Dark Path HomeWe Are Busy Bodies
5:29Never Be the SameFurther the LionAll for You
5:33What Was Left UnsaidNew DesignSunday Drive
5:38Sympathetic StringsFussSpeakeasy
5:41Sarah Michelle GellarTerroristaSoftpush
5:45Forget (Friendly)GulferGulferTopshelf
5:50The Frightening Reality of the Fact That We Will All Have to Grow Up and Settle Down One DayMoneenThe Red TreeVagrant
5:54Blue Skies / SunshineSeasFade Out Into the NightBlack Box
5:58Try My BestAlone I WalkThe Hardest Years YetAnchor Eighty Four