Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home

Defunct Toronto emo rockers The Newfound Interest In Connecticut make an appearance on this week’s show. Image: Canice Leung

We’ll get emotional this week with an hour and a half of Canadian emo and pop-punk, including a special segment by DJ Stefny of KOOP’s The Emo Diaries, which airs Mondays at 7 PM. We’ll feature tunes by Alone I Walk, Arm’s Length, Billy Talent, Carried Away, Cluttered, Dear Youth, Frail Hands, Further the Lion, Fuss, Grade, Gulfer, Hot Hot Heat, Letdown, Like Pacific, Mary & Adelaide, Moneen, New Design, The Newfound Interest In Connecticut, Seas, Seaway, Sum 41, Terrorista, Terry Green, and Wayfarer.

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