Playlist: 2020-12-11

Justin the Canuck hosted the show, recorded in his home studio during the temporary closure of KOOP’s studios.

4:35Hang a String of LightsGreat Lake SwimmersIsn't This World Enough?? A Nettwerk ChristmasNettwerk
4:3812 Days of ChristmasSloanMurderecords
4:42Sing O' Holy NightJP HoeHoe Hoe Hoe Holiday Songs
4:46Maybe This ChristmasRon SexsmithMaybe This Christmas, Vol. 4: Holiday FolkNettwerk
4:49Ain't No ChristmasPocket DwellersSounds of the SeasonCBC
4:52My Christmas Catalogue NumberWordburglar
4:56Under the TreeGood LoveliesHo! Ho! Ho! Canada VI
4:59Blue ChristmasThe Blue VioletsOur First ChristmasLight Organ
5:02RiverJoni MitchellBlueWarner
5:07Home Once a YearMarshall Burns
5:10Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day? (Well, You Deserved It!)Peach PitColumbia
5:14Do You Believe In Santa?Brandon Wolfe Scott
5:17Last ChristmasIn-Flight Safety
5:22Nothing But the Bells OnFashionable GlassesOur First ChristmasLight Organ
5:25We Wish You a Merry XmasThe Royal FoundryThe Merry Xmas EPLuna
5:29It Won't Be Christmas ('til You're Here)BegoniaBirthday Cake
5:33Everybody Needs Somebody at ChristmasThe Waking EyesCoalition
5:37Sing In CelebrationFaber DriveThe Second Noel604 Records
5:40CoconutThe Pack a.d.Cadence
5:43Santa, Oh Wait!Line Spectra
5:46Christmas In ParadiseNat Jay
5:49Tonight It's Christmas TimeHey Ocean!Isn't This World Enough?? A Nettwerk ChristmasNettwerk
5:54Don't Make No Fuss (It's Christmas)BROSA Very BROS Christmas, Vol. 2Dine Alone
5:57Sleigh Ride (feat. Abi Rose)AstrocolorLit Up: Music for ChristmasLast Gang