It’s our Canadian Christmas Spectacular!

Christmas Ornament
Celebrate the season in high Canadian style! Image: Hallmark

We can probably all agree that it’s been a terrible year, so it’s time we spread some holiday cheer.

This week, we kick off our Canadian Christmas Spectacular, featuring a whopping 4.5 hours of Canadian holiday tunes spread across the next three Friday afternoons. From big names like Tegan and Sara to bands even we’ve never heard of (I’m looking at you, Fashionable Glasses), we’ve got enough Christmas tunes to fill your entire month of December.

Christmas standards given a Canadian flair? Check. The latest Canadian hip-hop celebrating the season? Got it. Original holiday tunes by some of our favorite artists, like The Zolas, Kashka, Great Lake Swimmers, The Dirty Nil, and more? You bet! Songs in English, songs in French, sad songs, happy songs, and even a song or two for Hanukkah… Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Had enough of Mariah Carey already this season? Don your Santa hat, pour yourself some hot cocoa, and join Justin the Canuck for Christmas songs from Canada, each and every Friday until the calendar runs out on this miserable year, at 4:30 PM Central on KOOP Radio, 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas and broadcasting to the world at!