Playlist: 2019-06-21

Justin the Canuck hosted the show.

4:33Ten Years TimeKalle Mattson
4:36All HandsTim BakerForever OverheadArts & Crafts
4:41Little SuperstarBlinker the Star
4:46Je rêveLes sœurs BoulayGrosse Boîte
4:49RavenJenn GrantLove, InevitableLeovela
4:53LadidadidaUnion Duke
4:57What If We StayedThe Treetops
5:03The OtherRich AucoinReleaseHaven Sounds
5:09Dorian's ClosetDOOMSQUADLet Yourself Be SeenBella Union
5:13I Feel EmotionOperatorsRadiant DawnLast Gang
5:19Cool Kids RadioAutogrammWhat R U Waiting 4?Nevado
5:23One Last TimeHolleradoRetaliation VacationRoyal Mountain
5:27Record ShopSaid the WhaleCascadiaArts & Crafts
5:33Astro Ever AfterThe Dirty NilDine Alone
5:36A Thing In CommonFungus
5:40Orange CountyWild MercuryBig In the Garden
5:43Cruel World (Nickel & Dime)Lily FrostRetro-Moderne
5:48Boum Boum Pow PowFanny BloomDare to Care
5:54TouristaBerry WallHoneymoon
5:58Idle HandsWise ChildIdle Hands