Playlist: 2016-06-10

Justin the Canuck hosted and gave away tickets to see PUP and PKEW PKEW PKEW.

4:30Japanese DadsMystery MachineWestern MagneticsSonic Unyon
4:32Floating WorldWolf ParadeEP 4
4:35FeelsWalrusGoodbye Something EPMadic
4:39BaeBESTiESingleBusiness Class
4:43Raised the BarChris StorrowThe Ocean’s Door
4:50When the Day Is Fresh and the Light Is NewThe Wooden SkyLet’s Be ReadyChelsea
4:54I’ve Been AwayMuseum PiecesCity of Brotherly Love EPYouth Club
4:58We Mean Big (Cu Ft)Animal NamesBallet BonesCitystarfleet
5:04The LonerNeil YoungNeil YoungReprise
5:09Something Evil AgainCookie DusterWhen Flying Was EasySQE
5:13Another WorldShawn Mrazek Lives!Thought He Was DeadAre You Mad At Me?
5:18Can’t WinPUPThe Dream Is OverRoyal Mountain
5:21DoubtsPUPThe Dream Is OverRoyal Mountain
5:24Never TryPUPPUPRoyal Mountain
5:28The Prime Minister of DefensePKEW PKEW PKEWPKEW PKEW PKEWRoyal Mountain
5:30Mid 20's SkateboarderPKEW PKEW PKEWPKEW PKEW PKEWRoyal Mountain
5:35Could You Get Me to Tomorrow?The BandicootsQuarters at the Penny Arcade EP
5:38ExpositionAdam StranglerIdeas of OrderDuprince
5:43In Your LightBruce PeninsulaOpen FlamesHand Drawn Dracula
5:49Try a Little LongerFalconhawkHere’s Your GhostSaved By Radio
5:52First KissRah RahThe Poet’s DeadHidden Pony
5:57Cocaine Starry EyesThe Belle GameInventing Letters EP