SXSW recap + Lindi Ortega prize package

We’re giving away Lindi Ortega tickets, an album, and shirt! Image: The Country Scene

Last week’s South By Southwest Music Festival brought over 110 Canadian artists to town, where they played more than 293 sets. We hit up dozens of them and will bring you some of the best finds on today’s show, featuring artists including Anemone, Bodywash, Boniface, Dear Rouge, Ensign Broderick, Ghost Twin, Gulfer, The Hearts, Men I Trust, Partner, PKEW PKEW PKEW, Shred Kelly, Terra Lightfoot, Wake Island, and The Wet Secrets!

We’ve also got two pairs of tickets to give away to see Lindi Ortega when she performs with Hugh Masterson on April 3 at Stubb’s. Along with one of those pairs of tickets, one very special listener will win an awesome Lindi Ortega prize package featuring her latest album and a T-shirt!

Tune in today to hear the best of SXSW and for your chance to win! Join Justin the Canuck at 4:30 PM on KOOP Radio, 91.7 FM in Austin and online, worldwide, at!

SXSW 2018

Download our handy, printable pocket guides showing the time and location of every Canadian performance throughout the week!

Featuring at least 111 Canadian acts, including:

  • Acid House Ragas (Montreal)
  • AHI (Brampton, ON)
  • Anemone (Montreal)
  • ANGELZ (Quebec City, QC)
  • Automelodi (Montreal)
  • Beams (Toronto)
  • Big Lean (Toronto)
  • Black Pistol Fire (Toronto/Austin)
  • Blessed (Abbotsford, BC)
  • Bodywash (Montreal)
  • Boniface (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Boogat (Montreal)
  • Bruno Belissimo (Toronto/Italy)
  • Cadence Weapon (Edmonton, AB)
  • Casper Skulls (Toronto)
  • Chris Stylez (Toronto)
  • CMDWN (Toronto)
  • Common Deer (Toronto)
  • Common Holly (Montreal)
  • Corridor (Montreal)
  • The Dead South (Regina, SK)
  • Dearly Beloved (Toronto)
  • Dear Rouge (Vancouver)
  • Devontée (Toronto)
  • DillanPonders (Toronto)
  • Dizzy (Oshawa, ON)
  • DJ Rosegold (Toronto)
  • Drama Diablo (Toronto)
  • Elephant Stone (Montreal)
  • Ensign Broderick (Toronto)
  • Essaie Pas (Montreal)
  • Faith Healer (Edmonton, AB)
  • Faiza (Toronto)
  • Forever (Montreal)
  • FRIGS (Toronto)
  • Friyie (Toronto)
  • Ghost Twin (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Grand Analog (Toronto)
  • Greys (Toronto)
  • Grounders (Toronto)
  • Gulfer (Montreal)
  • The Hearts (Edmonton, AB)
  • Helena Deland (Montreal)
  • I M U R (Vancouver)
  • Japandroids (Vancouver)
  • Jessie Reyez (Toronto)
  • JiMMY BRiCKZ (Toronto)
  • John Acquaviva (London, ON)
  • John Jacob Magistery (Montreal)
  • Josiah Bell (WIndsor, ON)
  • Killy (Toronto)
  • Kimmortal (Vancouver)
  • Le Couleur (Montreal)
  • Lido Pimienta (Toronto)
  • Lisa LeBlanc (Montreal)
  • Little Destroyer (Vancouver)
  • Living Hour (Winnipeg, MB)
  • LNDN DRGS / Jay Worthy (Vancouver)
  • Look Vibrant (Montreal)
  • Loud Luxury (Toronto)
  • Lucette (Edmonton, AB)
  • Ludo (Montreal)
  • MADDEE (Toronto)
  • Mauno (Halifax, NS)
  • Men I Trust (Montreal)
  • METZ (Toronto)
  • Michael Rault (Montreal)
  • Milk & Bone (Montreal)
  • Missy D (Vancouver)
  • Moonshine (Montreal)
  • Motel Raphael (Montreal)
  • Murda Beatz (Fort Erie, ON)
  • MY!GAY!HUSBAND! (Vancouver)
  • NITE (Winnipeg/Dallas)
  • NUE (Toronto)
  • Ori Dagan (Toronto)
  • Ought (Montreal)
  • Partner (Windsor, ON)
  • Pat Lok (Vancouver)
  • Peach Pit (Vancouver)
  • Pierre Kwenders (Montreal)
  • PKEW PKEW PKEW (Toronto)
  • Promise (Toronto)
  • Quique Escamilla (Toronto)
  • Redd Volkaert (Vancouver)
  • RYAN Playground (Montreal)
  • Said the Whale (Vancouver)
  • Sampson (Halifax, NS)
  • Samurai Champs (Saskatoon, SK)
  • Sarahmée (Montreal)
  • Savannah Ré (Toronto)
  • Scenic Route to Alaska (Edmonton, AB)
  • Sean Leon (Toronto)
  • Shope (Toronto)
  • Shred Kelly (Fernie, BC)
  • Skratch Bastid (Toronto)
  • SonReal (Vernon, BC)
  • Strvngers (Edmonton, AB)
  • Tasha the Amazon (Toronto)
  • Terra Lightfoot (Hamilton, ON)
  • TiKA (Toronto)
  • UNIMERCE (Toronto)
  • U.S. Girls (Toronto)
  • Wake Island (Montreal)
  • The Weather Station (Toronto)
  • The Wet Secrets (Edmonton, AB)
  • Whitney Rose (PEI/Toronto/Austin)
  • Wire Spine (Vancouver)
  • Yamantaka // Sonic Titan (Toronto)
  • Yung Tory (Toronto)
  • Ziibiwan (Toronto)

Previously announced artists no longer listed:

  • Chastity (Whitby, ON)
  • Ellevator (Hamilton, ON)
  • Heartstreets (Montreal)
  • Moon King (Toronto/Detroit)
  • Zen Bamboo (Montreal)
  • Zoology (Kelowna, BC)

Busty and The Bass tix + 100% SXSW

Tickets to see Busty and The Bass could be yours! Image: Noy Ma via Montreal Rampage

Tune in this Friday at 4:30 PM for your chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to see Busty and The Bass, movin’ and groovin’ this Saturday night at Stubb’s!

Apart from the giveaway, the rest of the show will be 100% focused on the many Canadian artists coming to town next month for SXSW. We’ve covered a bunch of them already in recent weeks—and have even put together a Spotify playlist featuring most of the 78 Canadian artists performing at the festival—and this week we’ll round out the show with a whole bevy of soon-to-arrive Canucks, including AHI, Beams, Boniface, Corridor, Dear Rouge, Dizzy, Ellevator, FRIGS, Gulfer, John Jacob Magistery, Lisa LeBlanc, Men I Trust, Milk & Bone, Motel Raphaël, PKEW PKEW PKEW, Said the Whale, Shred Kelly, Terra Lightfoot, and The Wet Secrets!

Join Justin the Canuck for 90 minutes of independent Canadian music, this Friday at 4:30 PM on 91.7 FM in Austin, TX and streaming live online at!

Canadian artists at SXSW 2018

As we do every year, we’re rounding up all the Canadians coming to town for SXSW 2018—as of March 12, the list includes at least 111 Canadians and we’ve got an incredible 293 performances on the schedule. Take a look at these handy SXSW references we’ve put together, and keep an eye out for more in the weeks leading up to the festival!

Do you know of a Canadian artist or one of their SXSW performances that we’ve missed? Let us know!