10 weeks of ticket giveaways!

You’d think that Canada might take a break after sending over 110 of her finest down here for South By Southwest. Instead, Canadian bands are doing no such thing—indeed, they’re booking more shows in the Live Music Capital of the World than we’ve seen in many months!
Tokyo Police ClubWe’ve got 25 Canadian acts, including comedy group Kids In the Hall, coming to Austin through June. And we want to share great Canadian music with YOU by giving away THIRTEEN pairs of tickets!

That’s right—we’ve got TEN weeks of ticket giveaways coming up!

Tune to This Great White North, broadcasting from Austin, Texas on KOOP 91.7 FM and worldwide at KOOP.org, every Friday from 4:30 to 6:00 PM, for your chance to win the following tickets:

That’s TEN weeks of the best independent Canadian music on the American airwaves—and tickets to the best independent Canadian music performed live in Austin.

For the full list of Canadian acts in Austin, be sure to check our Events calendar.

UPDATE (2014-05-03): We’ve moved the Leif Vollebekk giveaway to May 23.

Three Canadian acts you can’t miss at SXSW

As of this moment, there are more than 100 Canadian artists coming to Austin for SXSW 2014. Here are three acts you can’t miss:

Leif Vollebekk

popmontreal.comCanada always gets the good stuff first; Leif Vollebekk’s latest album, North Americana, didn’t drop stateside until January 28. Vollebekk, from Montreal, is one talented guy—singing and playing the guitar, piano, harmonica, and fiddle—and he crafts songs so mesmerizing that they’ll leave you with tears in your eyes. “Southern United States” is a particular favorite. Leif embodies the SXSW spirit, playing year after year and everywhere, including in the street. A stunning performer with a folksy/bluesy voice and somber style, Vollebekk is sure to steal your heart. More at leifvollebekk.com.


The Pack a.d.

This Vancouver duo lit up Mohawk this week with an energetic set of their distinctive drumbeat-driven, sexily-snarled garage rock. Their latest album, Do Not Engage, dropped just two weeks ago; its first single, “Big Shot,” was near the top of CBC Radio 3’s list of best Canadian indie songs of 2013. Wear a helmet, this shit could get serious. More at thepackad.com.

Rich Aucoin

richaucoin.comRich Aucoin could make better use of the slogan “Taste the Rainbow” than any candy could. How many artists end their show with the audience huddling under a giant billowing sheet, lights aflutter and confetti bursting overhead? Rich Aucoin’s live shows are not simply something to hear, they are something to experience. If his electro-pop grooves and incredible audience interaction can’t get you dancing, you should probably reevaluate your being at SXSW. More at richaucoin.ca.

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