Canada’s emo revival… and tickets!

For the past few years, the music press have been talking about an emo revival: a resurgence of the mid-’90s to mid-2000s emotive punk, scream-singing, post-hardcore, and pop-punk that exploded into the mainstream consciousness about ten years ago. Though many of the biggest names in emo were American, Canadians were (and still are) well-represented on the scene.

Fifth Hour Hero showing how emo is done. Credit: No Idea Records
The now-defunct Fifth Hour Hero, of Québec. Credit: No Idea Records

On this week’s episode of This Great White North, Justin the Canuck dives deep into the world of Canadian emo, screamo, post-hardcore, and pop-punk. We’ll go from the pioneers of the Canadian emo scene to the bands responsible for pushing today’s emo and post-hardcore landscape into the future.

We’ll also take a quick break from the emo to cover the upcoming Braids & Tasseomancy show and give away a pair of tickets to one lucky caller!

Our playlist this week includes such emo and post-hardcore notables as Alexisonfire, Anna Phorra, Boys Night Out, Fifth Hour Hero, Florals, Grade, The Home Team, Laureate, Moneen, The Newfound Interest In Connecticut, Silent Era, Silverstein, Sleeper Set Sail, The Reason, and The Vermicious Knid.

So, break out your black eyeliner, get your high school diary out of hiding, and join us Friday at 4:30 PM Central on 91.7 FM in Austin, TX or online, worldwide, at