When We Were Young

We played The Wooden Sky in 2013, and we’ll play ’em again! Image: Nevado Music

Back in October of 2013, ACL Fest was underway here in Austin, This Great White North was a radio collective of three Canucks, and a wee Justin the Canuck was hosting the show all by himself for the first time ever. This week, we replay that episode—more than eight years later—and find that a killer playlist in 2013 is still a killer playlist today.

That playlist includes tracks by AA Wallace, The Belle Game, Dinosaur Bones, Indigo Joseph, Jasper Sloan Yip, Joel Plaskett, Land of Talk, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Mid Atlantic, Mother Mother, Navet Confit, The New Pornographers, Pawa Up First, Pistol George Warren, Plumtree, Rah Rah, Sunset Rubdown, Tokyo Police Club, The Weakerthans, The Wooden Sky, Young Galaxy, and The Zolas!

Join Justin the Canuck today at 4:30 PM Central on KOOP Radio, 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas and broadcasting to the world at KOOP.org!