Animals Above Our Town

Daniel Romano’s Outfit wants to be the animals above our town. Image: You’ve Changed Records

Yes, we’ve got a show this week! No, we don’t have a theme! But, we do have the newest releases by artists including Ada Lea, B.U.D., Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Darryl Kissick, Dave Monks, Dennis Ellsworth & The Electric Stars, Earth to Emily, Ellevator, Good Kid, Les Trimpes, Lost In Japan, Loviet, MAWZY, Ryan Bourne, Sam Roberts Band, Sam Weber, The Effens, The Honest Heart Collective, The Town Heroes, and Vikki Gilmore. So, that’s neat.

Join Justin the Canuck today at 4:30 PM Central on KOOP Radio, 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas and broadcasting to the world at!