Party Again

Party with us as we “Party Again” with the latest single by Montreal’s TOPS. Image: Dummy

After a month or two of combing through my music library for hidden gems, we are back to bringing you nothing but brand new tunes from north of the border, and this week we’ve crammed in more songs than we thought would fit in 90 minutes! Those songs come courtesy of Ada Lea, Afternoon Bike Ride, Astral Swans, Astrocolor, The Brandy Alexanders, Caroline Marie Brooks, Casper Skulls, Chastity, Dave Monks, Death Party Playground, Del Barber, Elise LeGrow, Ellevator, Fake Shark, Glutenhead, Julie Doiron, Many Masks, Men I Trust, Motorists, Nightshifts, Paragon Cause, Purity Ring, Shad, TOPS, Touching, and The Zolas!

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