Playlist: 2021-08-20

Host Justin the Canuck was joined by Dale Smith of KOOP’s Roots Train. This episode was recorded in Justin the Canuck’s home studio.

4:34Station Out of RangeMatt MaysOnce Upon a Hell of a Time…Sonic
4:39Soon EnoughConstantinesTournament of HeartsSub Pop
4:43StompaSerena RyderHarmonyUniversal Canada
4:47Rolling StoneReuben and The DarkFuneral SkyArts & Crafts
4:51Hard TimesThe Mohawk LodgeWildfiresWhite Whale
4:54Last Lion of AlbionNeko CaseHell-OnAnti-
4:59Lost the WarPaper LionsTrophiesCommon Law
5:01Silver FangMardeen
5:04Fourth of JulyKid LuciferNothin’ But Bangers
5:09Brighter Shade of RootsRoland AlphonsoBrighter Shade of RootsImperial
5:10ProphecyKeithus IThe King's Highway: Canadian CanneckshanCorn-Fed
5:15The Judgement Has ComeCornell CampbellSuperstarMicron
5:19SolomoneRoots WandaThe King's Highway: Canadian CanneckshanCorn-Fed
5:22Leaving BabylonJohnny OsbourneThe King's Highway: Canadian CanneckshanCorn-Fed
5:24Island In the Sun RockersRoland AlphonsoBrighter Shade of RootsImperial
5:26I Dig You BabyAlton EllisContinuationAll Tone
5:31Ain’t No LoveLeroy SibblesNowMicron
5:35Colour BarrierLeroy BrownDMI
5:36Roots of RockersRoland AlphonsoBrighter Shade of RootsImperial
5:37Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)Arcade FireThe SuburbsMerge
5:43Life In the SeaTeen DazeMorning WorldPaper Bag
5:48HummingbirdImaginary CitiesTemporary ResidentHidden Pony
5:53Roller CoasterThe LiptoniansLet’s All March Back Into the SeaHead In the Sand