We Are (No Longer) the City

We Are the City
We Are the City has released their final single and announced their last show. Image: Exclaim!

Art-rock trio We Are the City—a band we first played nearly 11 years ago—recently announced that their Vancouver-based project had “died of natural causes”. We’ll honor their 12-year run with their recent, final release, along with a solid helping of the latest Canadian releases. Pair it with a tasteful selection of tracks that we played on the show ten years ago this week, and you’ve got this week’s playlist!

We’ve got artists like Alex Little and The Suspicious Minds, Burry, Faunts, Land of Talk, The Matinee, Mav Karlo, Mise en Scene, Modern Superstitions, Redsayno, Reverie Sound Revue, Sixtoo, Sloan, Sophia Bel, Sunset Rubdown, Teen Ravine, Vox Rea, and Yukon Blonde.

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