Playlist: 2020-01-03

Justin the Canuck hosted the show.

4:33Duet for Emmylou and the Grievous AngelRah RahGoing SteadyYoung Soul
4:37GhostsRah RahBreaking HeartsYoung Soul
4:41Art Holds No TruthRah Rah
4:48Dead and GoneMarshall BurnsDogs and Booze
4:58You & IYawnYou & IRainbow
5:03Wanna Do RightYawnYou & IRainbow
5:07Bury the PastElaquentBlessing in DisguiseMello Music
5:09CommandoROOM CONTROLMaybe Too Broken
5:16AmaruqWHOOP-SzoWarrior DownYou've Changed
5:19Undead, Pt. 1 - EstrangementRich AucoinWe're All Dying to Live - Public Publication EP / Over the Top!Sonic
5:22The FearRich AucoinReleaseHaven Sounds
5:33NeverdieShirley & The PyramidsA New American Classic
5:37Waiting HereTough Age
5:40All My FriendsMath Club Leader
5:43This Station is HereNo MuseumsMoths
5:47Want You MoreHarlequin GoldBaby Blue
5:51Flashing Lights Have Ended NowFoxes In FictionOrchid Tapes
5:57MoonlightKill ChicagoThe Fix