Playlist: 2019-12-13

4:34Let Me Wear the MaskWoolwormAweMint
4:40AnxietteDIVORCERDebt JubileeNo Sun
4:43Golden GunHomerBest New Music
4:49Free at LastPUPMorbid StuffLittle Dipper
4:51Crowd ControlBrutal PoodleKingfisher Bluez
4:55The BenchLe TroubleSuccess MountainIndica
5:02Better Than YouPrepare for the FutureNice Work!
5:05Green TrashKai BravewoodPink Glow
5:10Black Pill SkylineDefault GendersMain Pop Girl 2019
5:13Streets of FireSusil SharmaInception 2
5:20Hard to KnowNice AppleThis Time Nice Apple is Auto-CathectingHidden Bay
5:23Knot in My GutDumbClub NitesMint
5:26Chinese LeatherAncient ShapesA Flower That Wouldn't BloomYou've Changed
5:29Wax and DigitalBasement RevolverWax and DigitalSonic Unyon
5:32Very Very VeryLow KitesMaybe It's Because
5:34FridaySimon OuthitSimon Outhit 2019
5:40Heavy MetalCindy LeeCCQSK
5:44Go OnSicaydaSown
5:55My Dream AddicitionThe High DialsPrimitive Feeling, Pt. 2Hook and Prayer
5:58HillsideTriplesBig Time