Playlist: 2019-06-07

Doug the Canuck hosted the show.

4:32Electric LadyWine LipsStressor
4:35Doctor DoctorThe RejectersThe Rejecters EP
4:37LettermanGay NinetiesLiberal GuiltLove Letter
4:41Wet HairJapandroidsPost-NothingPolyvinyl
4:47The BuzzRoachTaste TestHappy Pills Collective
4:50In My Socialist ChoirKorean GutCiTR Pop Alliance Compilation, Vol. IIIMint
4:53Bad CaptainsThe Two KoreasAltruistUnfamiliar
5:02Piece of CrapNeil YoungSleeps With AngelsReprise
5:05Revenge ComedyHermeticCivilized City
5:08Brewery CreekSightlinesAlarum
5:11Cigarettes and LipstickTequila NosediveHappy Pills Collective
5:15No Love in RomanceBored DecorThe Colour Red
5:21Taste of LifeFade AwaaysTaste of Life
5:24Talk of the TownCameron BrownCameron Brown
5:27Sleep SongHooded FangHooded Fang
5:32I Don't Like SportsMaple TreewayPuking
5:39Scarlett / The Dance She InspiresRickashaySplintered Wood
5:432 Be FreeSide HustleSo So So So SoBattery Eye
5:47StrangersWild/KindWest Ends
5:51Still ExistNeckingMint
5:53FallingThe BurnettesA Boy and a GirlGo Rock
5:59Little WomanAnimal TypeApartments