Playlist: 2018-03-16

Daine Vineyard covered the show, playing Canadian vaporwave.

4:31WCTV Action News 666G H O S T I N G2D Fun at Grid World!Adhesive Sounds
4:33Roadtrips in SpringWaterfront DiningCologne
4:35Chinese FishNu_PolygonDystopian City
4:38The Boxer's BalladYung KatsuragiThe Boxer and the Claw
4:44Welcome to AloeAloe Island PosseWelcome to Aloe Island
4:48It's Okay I Will Just Pretend I'm Fine(YZIN大火)Vaporflips and Eviction Notice
4:51Ocean FloorECO VIRTUALWildlife Canada 東海岸 Original Documentary Soundtrack
4:54Local HighwaysWaterfront DiningNoice すてきな
5:02ダークriftJ Λ V Λ . E X EFloating_Point
5:05Banger 11wosXBangers Vol. II
5:09LockemLowpocusSTILL HOOPIN
5:13Digital SynchronicityMeznoyumeFloating World
5:21I Meant Everything I SaidFRCLNBe Mine
5:24Ecco ChamberBlank BansheeMEGA
5:28Customer CareIncarta '95Foodcourt EP
5:30Alien In Love with Human (Sensory Overload Track)boocananBOO-SIDES
5:33Les Heures ViolettesYlangYlangMutualism
5:40Ooze DescendantsCaresWho Else Are YouCollusion
5:45CommuteSour GoutE S C A P ESud Swap
5:49シアーズカタログ20371995 Zellers帝国の秋 (Fall of an Empire)
5:51FeelingsMeowflakesVirtual Attraction
5:54VespertineTELOZKOPESumpnoia Panta