Playlist: 2016-03-25

Justin the Canuck played a few bands that were here for SXSW and a bunch of new music.

4:32No WeaknessesThe Dirty NilHigher PowerDine Alone
4:35Hey Little SisterFist CityEverything Is a MessTransgressive
4:38This Is WhyReversing FallsReversing Falls 2
4:41Wasted AgainReversing FallsReversing Falls 2
4:43Cranley’s Gonna Make ItBroken Social SceneFeel Good LostArts & Crafts
4:46A Night BladeLotus ChildGossip Diet
4:50SwoonerThe ZolasSwoonerLight Organ
4:52Everyone Is In a BandBeth In Battle ModeTechnical Know-HowOrgan Freeman
4:55Our Athletic FriendsBoats!Cannonballs, CannonballsMajestic Triumph
4:58Stella Heart OceanArkellsI Want LightHand Drawn Dracula
5:02Let’s Just Leave ItMid AtlanticThe Great War
5:04Mr. SoulBuffalo SpringfieldBuffalo Springfield AgainATCO
5:07Drink It DryDead GhostsLove and Death and All the RestBurger
5:11Where I Want to BePhono d’enfantAmbrose Psychic
5:14Love and MathematicsBroken Social SceneFeel Good LostArts & Crafts
5:17Cold LightOperatorsBlue WaveLast Gang
5:20Monday MorningParadise AnimalsDay Bed
5:24MiracleLook VibrantOnly Qualms
5:27Pacific ThemeBroken Social SceneYou Forgot It In PeopleArts & Crafts
5:30Light a MatchChic GamineLight a Match
5:33The Young Ones SleptGreat BloomersSpeak of TroubleMapleMusic
5:36The Original MarkThe DetailsLost ArtParliament of Trees
5:40Where Were You?MinisystemMadingleyNoise Factory
5:43ZzyzxLibrary VoicesLovishNevado
5:47Song and Dance ManJason CollettSong and Dance ManArts & Crafts
5:50StargazerNap EyesThought Rock Fish ScaleParadise of Bachelors
5:54Learn from MistakesI Am Robot and ProudGrace DaysCatmobile
5:55Quelle SurpriseThe Wet SecretsI Can Live Forever - EPSix Shooter