Friday: Eclectic and Canadian

The latest from Whitney Rose, a recent transplant to Austin. Credit: Whitney Rose
We’ll have the latest from Whitney Rose, a recent Canadian transplant to Austin. Credit: Whitney Rose

Sometimes we bring you music that fits into a theme… and sometimes we just throw a bunch of Canadian albums into our bag, cross our fingers, and see what happens. This week, we’re doing the latter.

We’ll have a little something for everyone on this Friday’s show, including the vintage country stylings of Canada-to-Austin transplant Whitney Rose, beautiful new tunes from Aidan Knight‘s latest album, and an airy, cinematic tribute to the coming spring season by North Atlantic Explorers. Five o’clock in the capital city will feature, of course, our Neil Young Song of the Week.

Tune in this Friday to hear even more Canadian tunes from artists like Balacade, Jim Bryson, FemBots, Michael Feuerstack, and Fine Times (who’ll be showcasing along with at least 67 other Canadian artists at SXSW 2016). We’ll have classics from The Ghost Is Dancing, Hey Rosetta, MeatDraw, and A Northern Chorus. Plus, we’ll feature tunes by Novillero, Parkas, Ruby Coast, Wolf Saga, and Brandy Zdan.

Mark your calendars and set your alarms—and join Justin the Canuck for This Great White North, featuring 90 minutes of independent Canadian music, this Friday at 4:30 PM on KOOP Radio, 91.7 FM in Austin, TX and streaming online at