New music for the new year

Aidan Knight's latest album drops… now! Source: Bandcamp
Aidan Knight’s new album drops today… and we’ll play it for you! Source: Bandcamp

If we’re going to keep bringing you new music, it’s time to start looking past 2015 to the bright new future ahead: 2016! And though we’re only three weeks into the new year, it’s already brought us a bevy of new tunes. On this week’s show, we’ll be hearing a few of them, including tracks so new that they’re being released on the day of our show.

That includes tracks by Aidan Knight (whose new album Each Other drops Jan. 22) and the latest single by Wintersleep, from their forthcoming release The Great Detachment, due out in March. On top of that, we’ll have tracks released just last week by favorites Reuben and The Dark and newcomers to the show, She-Devils.

Four tracks won’t round out 90 minutes of independent Canadian music, though. That’s why we’ve got even more music never before heard on the show, including tracks by Amy Millan, Beth In Battle Mode, Cascade Falls, CHASTITY, Elf TV, Federal Lights, Fine Times, Grey Lands, Happenstance, June In the Fields, and Kid Metropolis. We’ll also be spinning tunes by Liam Mackenzie & Young Rust, Loving Yourself Means Everything, Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy, Teen Daze, To Stowaway, and Wolf Saga.

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