Playlist: 2015-07-10

Hosts Doug and Justin the Canucks played music by artists beginning with the letter “M”.

4:33Bronx SniperMister HeavenlyOut of LoveSub Pop
4:37Feel NiceMark Birtles ProjectArt CrimeRectangle
4:42Light You UpThe Mohawk LodgeDamaged GoodsWhite Whale
4:46Fast PeterMoonfaceOrgan Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd HopedJagjaguwar
4:53Real GothsMode ModerneReal Goths / Undiscovered Country 7" - SingleLight Organ
4:57Losin' YouAmy MillanHoney from the TombsArts & Crafts
5:05Sugar MountainNeil YoungDecadeReprise
5:12The RoadThe MatinéeWe Swore We’d See the SunriseLight Organ
5:15Stand and DeliverMatt MaysTerminal RomanceSonic
5:20In Love With YouMajor MakerPeople CarrierEMI
5:31Oh FortuneDan ManganOh FortuneArts & Crafts
5:34We Were YoungMaps of the Night SkyMaps of the Night SkyLocust Mount
5:38Endless SummerMise en SceneDesire’s DespairPipe & Hat
5:42BooksMacleanHang This On Your Wall
5:45PoetasterMiracle FortressFive RosesSecret City
5:53The Way You’d Love HerMac DemarcoAnother OneCaptured Tracks
5:57Tokyo SummerMountiesThrash Rock LegacyLight Organ