Playlist: 2015-06-26

Hosts Justin and Simone the Canuck presented a mix of new and older Canadian tunes.

4:31Saucer Flap ’55Blackpaw SocietyPeople Doesn’t Care / 1955
4:34LeperBlackpaw SocietyPeople Doesn’t Care / 1955
4:36HomeSlow Down MolassesBurnt Black CarsCulvert
4:41The Man At the Door36?Where Do We Go from Here?
4:46Cranley’s Gonna Make ItBroken Social SceneFeel Good LostArts & Crafts
4:47New York City BluesSun KNorthern LiesMapleMusic
4:51ThirdsAdam Hanney & Co.11/12
4:54CandlesWhat If ElephantsSingle
4:58Learn from MistakesI Am Robot And ProudGrace Days
5:01Fast ForwardStuck On Planet EarthSingle
5:04CarouselThe Mark InsideStatic/CrashMapleMusic
5:07Hey Cancer … Fuck You!YearsYearsArts & Crafts
5:11Let’s Just Leave ItMid AtlanticThe Great War
5:14Poison/SafeController.ControllerX-AmountsPaper Bag
5:19DriftLost CousinsNot Now What We Were
5:24Mischief of MicePredator/PreyPrey
5:29Love and MathematicsBroken Social SceneFeel Good LostArts & Crafts
5:31No CarFaith HealerCosmic TroublesMint
5:35Get GoneTwin RiverShould the Light Go OutLight Organ
5:40The MarketThe Provincial ArchiveIt’s All Shaken WonderBlack Box
5:48The BreadTravis BretzerWaxing RomanticMexican Summer
5:51Buried In the SunSpoon RiverKingdom of the BurnedNorthern Electric
5:54Where Were You?MinisystemMadingleyNoise Factory
5:56Righteous HeartNathan Lawr and The MinotaursA Sea of Tiny LightsSaved By Radio
6:00Saucer Flap ’55Blackpaw SocietyPeople Doesn’t Care / 1955