Bundle up for a wintry mix

It may not yet feel like it here in Austin, but winter is fast approaching—and there’s no nation better situated to sing about it than Canada.

The Weakerthans
Look at those coats. The Weakerthans know what winter is.

Join us this Friday at 4:30 PM for a wintry mix—not of snow and rain, but of Canadian songs about the bitter cold, the fluffy snow, the frozen winter, and the mornings spent under warm blankets, not wanting to get out of bed.

We’ll be featuring artists including Said The Whale, Rah Rah, The Zolas, The Weakerthans, Dinosaur Bones, The Acorn, and many more.

So grab a mug of hot cocoa, pull up those thick woolen socks, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and turn your radio dial to KOOP 91.7 FM. We’ll be broadcasting live, as we do every week, on Friday at 4:30 PM Central. Not near a radio? Tune in online at KOOP.org.

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