SXSW 2017


Showcasing Artists

Featuring at least 81 Canadian artists:

  • Bad Pop (Vancouver)
  • Belle Game, The (Vancouver)
  • Best Fern (Montreal)
  • Betty Bonifassi (Montreal)
  • Bishu (Halifax)
  • Brandy Zdan (Winnipeg/Austin/Nashville)
  • Busty & The Bass (Montreal)
  • Calvin Love (Edmonton)
  • Carlo Lio (Toronto)
  • Casper Skulls (Toronto)
  • Cat Clyde (London, ON)
  • Charlotte Cardin (Montreal)
  • Close Talker (Saskatoon)
  • Co/ntry (Montreal)
  • Colter Wall (Swift Current, SK)
  • Digging Roots (Barrie, ON)
  • DillanPonders (Toronto)
  • Drama Diablo (Toronto)
  • Duchess Says (Montreal)
  • Duotang (Winnipeg)
  • DVBBS (Toronto)
  • Ekali (Vancouver)
  • Emmanuel Jal (Toronto)
  • Faarrow (Toronto)
  • Forever (Montreal)
  • Heat (Montreal)
  • Hoan (Montreal)
  • I.D.A.L.G. (Montreal)
  • Jazz Cartier (Toronto)
  • Jazzamboka (Montreal)
  • Jean-Michel Blais & CFCF (Montreal)
  • Jesse Dangerously (Ottawa)
  • Jessie Reyez (Toronto)
  • JJ Shiplett (Calgary)
  • Kroy (Montreal)
  • Le Matos (Montreal)
  • Les Deuxluxes (Montreal)
  • Living Hour (Winnipeg)
  • Lydia Ainsworth (Toronto)
  • Marie Davidson (Montreal)
  • Maurice Moore (Ottawa)
  • Mise en Scene (Winnipeg)
  • Mozart’s Sister (Montreal)
  • New Pornographers, The (Vancouver)
  • Night Lovell (Ottawa)
  • No Joy (Montreal)
  • Noyz & BMAGIC (Brampton, ON)
  • Orkestar Kriminal (Montreal)
  • Paul Devro (Port Alberni, BC)
  • Pomo (Vancouver)
  • Port Juvee (Calgary)
  • Robotaki (Toronto)
  • Royal Tusk (Edmonton)
  • Ryan Hemsworth (Ottawa)
  • RYAN Playground (Montreal)
  • Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs (Toronto)
  • Samito (Montreal)
  • Shanks, The (Mono, ON)
  • ShaqIsDope (Toronto)
  • She-Devils (Montreal)
  • Shifty Eyes (Sylvan Lake, AB)
  • Slow Leaves (Winnipeg)
  • Spurz (Vancouver)
  • Supermoon (Vancouver)
  • Tasha the Amazon (Toronto)
  • Teen Daze (Vancouver)
  • Tei Shi (Vancouver)
  • Tim Darcy (Montreal)
  • Tim Moxam (Toronto)
  • Tokyo Police Club (Newmarket, ON)
  • Tommy Genesis (Vancouver)
  • Twist (Toronto)
  • Vanic (Vancouver)
  • Velveteins, The (Edmonton)
  • Vox Sambou (Montreal)
  • We Are Wolves (Montreal)
  • Weaves (Toronto)
  • Whitney Rose (Charlottetown, PEI/Austin)
  • Wild Rivers (Toronto)
  • Yes We Mystic (Winnipeg)
  • Young Devontee (Toronto)

Honorary Canadians

  • Neko Case (Tacoma, WA)

Canceled Acts

  • Bobby Bazini (Mont-Laurier, QC)
  • Charlotte Day Wilson (Toronto)
  • Cold Specks (Toronto)
  • Darcys, The (Toronto)
  • Ginger Ale & The Monowhales (Toronto)
  • Grounders (Toronto)
  • Hollerado (Toronto)
  • Hollowbodies, The (Toronto)
  • Jahkoy (Toronto)
  • Kilmanjaro (Toronto)
  • Louise Burns (Vancouver)
  • Lowell (Toronto)
  • Nicole Dollanganger (Toronto)
  • SIANspheric (Hamilton)
  • Whitehorse (Toronto)

SXSW 2016


Featuring at least 97 Canadian acts, including:

  • Andy Shauf (Regina)
  • Antoine93 (Montreal)
  • Arkells (Hamilton)
  • Basia Bulat (Montreal)
  • Bear Mountain (Vancouver)
  • Birthday Boy (Toronto)
  • Bob Moses (Vancouver)
  • Brandy Zdan
  • Caveboy (Montreal)
  • Charlotte Cardin (Montreal)
  • Chocolat (Montreal)
  • Chromeo
  • Chris Colepaugh & The Crew (Moncton)
  • Close Talker (Saskatoon)
  • Corb Lund (Edmonton)
  • Crystal Castles (Toronto)
  • Daniel Romano (Fenwick)
  • Dead Soft (Vancouver)
  • Dead South, The (Regina)
  • Dearly Beloved (Toronto)
  • Dilly Dally (Toronto)
  • Dirty Nil, The (Dundas)
  • Doomsquad (Toronto)
  • Dru Bex (Toronto)
  • Ekali (Vancouver)
  • Élage Diouf (Montreal)
  • Elephant Stone (Montreal)
  • Faith Healer (Edmonton)
  • Fast Romantics (Toronto)
  • Fine Times (Vancouver)
  • For Esmé (Toronto)
  • Franklin Electric, The (Montreal)
  • Gregory Pepper and His Problems (Guelph)
  • Greys (Toronto)
  • Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, The (Vancouver)
  • Holy Fuck (Toronto)
  • Horsepowar (Vancouver)
  • HUMANS (Vancouver)
  • Humble Giants (Calgary)
  • Jahkoy (Toronto)
  • Jazz Cartier (Toronto)
  • Jesse Dangerously (Ottawa)
  • Jocelyn Alice (Calgary)
  • Jody Glenham (Vancouver)
  • JP Hoe (Winnipeg)
  • Kacy & Clayton (Glentworth)
  • Kalle Mattson (Ottawa)
  • Kaytranada (Montreal)
  • Keys N Krates (Toronto)
  • Lemon Bucket Orkestra (Toronto)
  • Library Voices (Regina)
  • Lié (Vancouver)
  • Little Scream (Montreal)
  • Look Vibrant (Montreal)
  • Lucas DiPasquale (Toronto)
  • Lytics, The (Winnipeg)
  • MAGIC! (Toronto)
  • Manafest (Toronto)
  • Mariachi Ghost, The (Winnipeg)
  • Matinée, The (Vancouver)
  • Meghan Bonnell (Toronto)
  • Michelle Willis (Toronto)
  • Michael Rault (Toronto)
  • Milk & Bone (Montreal)
  • Mise en Scene (Winnipeg)
  • More or Les (Toronto)
  • Motel Raphaël (Montreal)
  • Movin’ Cool (Brampton)
  • MSTRKRFT (Toronto)
  • Nancy Pants (Montreal)
  • Nap Eyes (Halifax)
  • Nardwuar the Human Serviette (Vancouver)
  • No Sinner (Vancouver)
  • Operators (Montreal)
  • Paper Lions (Charlottetown)
  • Peaches (Toronto)
  • Posterz, The (Montreal)
  • Prince Innocence (Toronto)
  • Programm (Toronto)
  • PUP (Toronto)
  • Pusher (Toronto)
  • Reuben and The Dark (Toronto)
  • REZZ (Niagara Falls)
  • Royal Canoe (Winnipeg)
  • Royal Foundry, The (Alberta)
  • Saxsyndrum (Montreal)
  • Sheer Agony (Montreal)
  • SHI 360 (Montreal)
  • Shopé (Toronto)
  • Sonic Avenues (Montreal)
  • Spurz (Vancouver)
  • Squid Lid (Toronto)
  • Steve Adamyk Band (Ottawa)
  • Strumbellas, The (Toronto)
  • Stuck On Planet Earth
  • Tennyson (Edmonton)
  • Terra Lightfoot (Hamilton)
  • Tommy Genesis (Vancouver)
  • Tory Lanez (Toronto)
  • Trews, The (Antigonish)
  • Twin River (Vancouver)
  • Wasiu (Montreal)
  • We Were Lovers (Saskatoon)
  • Weather Station, The (Toronto)
  • Weaves
  • Weed (Vancouver)
  • Wet Secrets, The (Edmonton)
  • White Lung (Vancouver)
  • Whitney Rose (Toronto)
  • Wintersleep (Halifax)
  • Wordburglar (Toronto)
  • Young Rival (Hamilton)
  • Zeds Dead (Toronto)
  • Zolas, The (Vancouver)

7 days… 97 Canadian artists… 274 events!

Image: Austin-American Statesman

The time has come: SXSW.

This year’s music festival starts early—indeed, some Canadian shows have already passed us by as of this writing—and ends late, with Weed taking the stage Sunday night at midnight. Keeping track of all these shows is a daunting task, but we’re here to help. We’ve sorted through seven days of set lists to find you 97 Canadian artists and 274 Canadian events, and have rolled them all up into easy-to-read, printable, pocket-able PDFs.

This year’s schedule notes which events are official showcases (marked by a plus (+)) and which are unofficial events (marked by a dot (•)). If you see a trophy next to an artist’s name, that means they’re one of our Top 10 Canadians to Watch at SXSW. Shows at Canada House (which, like last year, is at Friends on 6th Street) are marked with a Canadian flag for easy identification. In addition to showcases, our schedules also include panels, presentations, meetups, boat cruises, pool parties, house parties, and even a guacamole competition. We promise, it somehow involves Canada.

Use the links below to download this latest set (v.2) of schedules [PDF]:

Note that both official and unofficial events may require a cover charge, RSVP, or invitation; official events may be accessible by paying a cover, but most will require a wristband or badge. You may need to seek out an artist’s homepage or social media outlets for details about some of the more obscure events, like boat parties, house parties, and pool parties.

The schedules are up-to-date as of Monday at 8:00 PM. If you have additions or corrections, please let us know (see our Contact page); otherwise, we probably will not update these throughout the week.

If you need help figuring out where all these venues are, we’ve got that, too [PDF]:

If you’re at the festival, find us downtown—at least one of us will be there all day, everyday (well… maybe not Sunday). And don’t be shy—hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. We’ll do our best to reply.

Don’t forget to check out our previous SXSW coverage:

161 Canadian SXSW events… so far!


It used to be that South By Southwest didn’t really kick into gear until Tuesday night—but those days are gone. This year, we’ve got shows Monday night and Tuesday afternoon! To help you plan, we’ve got the first version of our Canadian SXSW schedules available now, showing every official Canadian showcase, presentation, panel, and event. So far, we’ve got a total of 161 different events. Wow!

Use the links below to download this first set (v.1) of schedules:

You’ll want to use this version to start your planning—but, be sure to check in again later today or tomorrow for more updates, including every unofficial set and event we can dig up.

For reference, listings with a plus (+) before the venue are official festival events; listings with a dot (•) before the venue are unofficial events. Note that both official and unofficial events may require a cover charge, RSVP, or invitation; official events may be accessible by paying a cover, but most will require a wristband or badge.