SXSW 2015: Canada’s almost here!

UPDATE: The latest schedules and calendars are now at SXSW 2015: Canada has arrived!

SXSW 2015It’s almost time! Beginning in just one week, more than 112 Canadian artists will descend upon Austin for this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival.

Let’s say that again: 112 artists. Along with at least nine Canadian day parties, more than 164 official Canadian showcases, and one epic barbecue.

The numbers can be overwhelming—but, figuring out which bands to catch doesn’t need to be. We’ve created several tools to help you make the most of your week in Austin:

Don’t forget to tune in to This Great White North this Friday and next for special SXSW coverage and playlists featuring many of the independent Canadian artists coming to South By Southwest. We broadcast live from Austin on KOOP 91.7 FM, every Friday at 4:30 PM Central. If you’re not in Austin, listen to us online at

10 must-see Canadians at SXSW

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We recently provided Austin-based events and culture site Do512 with our list of 10 must-see Canadian acts at this year’s South By Southwest festival. Who are these illustrious Canucks?

  • Rah Rah
  • Lowell
  • Jeff Stuart and The Hearts
  • Pomo
  • Solids
  • The Acorn
  • July Talk
  • New Hands
  • Reuben and The Dark

Check out the article, complete with our previews and embedded videos, at Do512.