Playlist: 2019-06-21

Justin the Canuck hosted the show.

4:33Ten Years TimeKalle Mattson
4:36All HandsTim BakerForever OverheadArts & Crafts
4:41Little SuperstarBlinker the Star
4:46Je rêveLes sœurs BoulayGrosse Boîte
4:49RavenJenn GrantLove, InevitableLeovela
4:53LadidadidaUnion Duke
4:57What If We StayedThe Treetops
5:03The OtherRich AucoinReleaseHaven Sounds
5:09Dorian's ClosetDOOMSQUADLet Yourself Be SeenBella Union
5:13I Feel EmotionOperatorsRadiant DawnLast Gang
5:19Cool Kids RadioAutogrammWhat R U Waiting 4?Nevado
5:23One Last TimeHolleradoRetaliation VacationRoyal Mountain
5:27Record ShopSaid the WhaleCascadiaArts & Crafts
5:33Astro Ever AfterThe Dirty NilDine Alone
5:36A Thing In CommonFungus
5:40Orange CountyWild MercuryBig In the Garden
5:43Cruel World (Nickel & Dime)Lily FrostRetro-Moderne
5:48Boum Boum Pow PowFanny BloomDare to Care
5:54TouristaBerry WallHoneymoon
5:58Idle HandsWise ChildIdle Hands

The absolute latest in Canadian indie

Photo of Operators performing.
Operators, performing tonight at 3TEN ACL Live, are among the artists on today’s show. Image: Twitter

Wondering what’s been happening on the Canadian indie scene over the past few weeks? Tune in today to find out, because we’ve got a playlist full of brand new releases! This week’s playlist is new even to us—more than half of the artists lined up for today’s show have never been featured on the show before. Yep, it’s that new!

Join Justin the Canuck today for the latest by artists including Autogramm, Begonia, Berry WallBlinker the Star, The Dirty Nil, DOOMSQUAD, Fanny Bloom, Fungus, Hollerado, Jenn Grant, Kalle Mattson, Les sœurs Boulay, Lily Frost, Operators, Rich Aucoin, Said the Whale, Tim Baker, The Treetops, Union Duke, Wild Mercury, and Wise Child! All those and more, live at 4:30 PM Central on KOOP Radio, 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas and broadcasting to the world at!

Playlist: 2019-06-14

Doug the Canuck hosted the show.

4:32Sally MaeThe RejectersThe Rejecters
4:35Yea Yea YeaSeven Story RedheadSeven Story Redhead
4:40Everyone Wants to Lose ControlTranzmitorsTranzmitorsDeranged
4:45Wish Upon a SatelliteSloan12Yep Roc
4:54Tournament of HeartsThe WeakerthansReunion TourEpitaph
4:58Walking on AyrLab CoastWalking on AyrMammoth Cave
5:03Change Your MindNeil Young & Crazy HorseSleeps With AngelsReprise
5:18The SoundHuman HighwayMoody MotorcycleSecret City
5:20Back Into ItIslandsShould I Remain Here at Sea?Manque
5:25Something OnThe Tragically HipPhantom PowerUniversal Canada
5:34ColumboDumbClub NitesMint
5:37Dog DaysThe Sick ThingsSick Things
5:42HealWeedDeserveCouple Skate
5:45Big Trouble at the Renaissance FaireMBPArt CrimeRectangle
5:48Ode to SubterraniaHooded FangGravezFull Time Hobby
5:57AtmosphereThe Pink MountaintopsThe Pink MountaintopsScratch

Playlist: 2019-06-07

Doug the Canuck hosted the show.

4:32Electric LadyWine LipsStressor
4:35Doctor DoctorThe RejectersThe Rejecters EP
4:37LettermanGay NinetiesLiberal GuiltLove Letter
4:41Wet HairJapandroidsPost-NothingPolyvinyl
4:47The BuzzRoachTaste TestHappy Pills Collective
4:50In My Socialist ChoirKorean GutCiTR Pop Alliance Compilation, Vol. IIIMint
4:53Bad CaptainsThe Two KoreasAltruistUnfamiliar
5:02Piece of CrapNeil YoungSleeps With AngelsReprise
5:05Revenge ComedyHermeticCivilized City
5:08Brewery CreekSightlinesAlarum
5:11Cigarettes and LipstickTequila NosediveHappy Pills Collective
5:15No Love in RomanceBored DecorThe Colour Red
5:21Taste of LifeFade AwaaysTaste of Life
5:24Talk of the TownCameron BrownCameron Brown
5:27Sleep SongHooded FangHooded Fang
5:32I Don't Like SportsMaple TreewayPuking
5:39Scarlett / The Dance She InspiresRickashaySplintered Wood
5:432 Be FreeSide HustleSo So So So SoBattery Eye
5:47StrangersWild/KindWest Ends
5:51Still ExistNeckingMint
5:53FallingThe BurnettesA Boy and a GirlGo Rock
5:59Little WomanAnimal TypeApartments

Playlist: 2019-05-31

Justin the Canuck hosted the show.

4:33Drop MeParagon CauseEscaPe (European Edition)AnalogueTrash
4:36FountainBleuTropical Depression
4:39Eye to EyeBodywashLuminelle
4:44The Great OratorKuriNo VillageNevado
4:49DesireDilly DallySoreBuzz
4:53Monday to FridayDeux Trois
4:57Future ShadeBlack MountainDestroyerJagjaguwar
5:04This Note's for YouNeil YoungThis Note's for YouReprise
5:06Norton Commander (All We Need)Men I Trust
5:09EricaAK Fashionista
5:151000 HighwaysSonRealThe Aaron LPBlack Box
5:21I'll Be Loving YouThe King Khan & BBQ ShowInvisible GirlIn the Red
5:28The City Loves MeBeautsLHM
5:32Purpose and ConvictionBlessedSalt
5:38My Heart Is Pinned to Your SleeveThe High DialsMoon CountryFontana North
5:41Employment and EnjoymentThe High DialsPrimitive Feelings, Pt. 1Hook and Prayer
5:46Nicolette & The NobodiesDevil's RunDevil's Run
5:51Ne m'appelle pasCœur de pirateDare to Care
5:56Good Will Surely ComeAltamedaTime Hasn't Changed YouPheromone